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Triton Energy Solutions has evolved into a multi-faceted company able to engineer and deploy a full-service approach to groundwater control and pumping solutions. Triton considers its people, the Triton Team, as our most valuable asset and strives to maintain a culture that inspires dedication to customer service. Whether a planned project or an emergency response, Triton is positioned to meet client challenges with expertise, equipment, and service anytime, anywhere. 

Our Services

Pumping Services

Sewer Bypass Pumping

Industrial Pumping

Construction Pumping

Emergency Response

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Dewatering Services

Deep Well Dewatering

Wellpoint Dewatering

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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing is the most common method for detecting leaks and determining the strength of pipelines.

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Water Sourcing

 We deliver water through a turnkey process that eases the burden on our customers.

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Water Transfer

With over 60 miles of layflat, 35 pumps, and several years of winter operations experience, we can transfer water to where its needed.

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Water Line Engineering

We minimizes water transfer expenses by engineering the perfect system for each job utilizing pump curves, friction loss, and elevation change. 

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