Triton Energy Solutions 

About Us

Triton Energy Solutions believes that managing a successful company starts and ends with establishing a set of core values and adhering to them every day. Our core values start with recruiting, training and retaining talented, motivated employees and empowering them to make a difference. We strive to provide an environment where employees actually enjoy coming to work every day. We encourage them to have an entrepreneurial spirit where each one feels a personal obligation to insure that every job ends with a satisfied customer. We believe if this attitude is adopted, it permeates the organization and eventually is visible to customers, vendors, contractors and investors.


Our Story

Our Commitment to Safety

Triton Energy Solutions culture encourages each employee to own responsibility for the safety of oneself, coworkers, and the community. This “NO HARM” culture informs everything we do, from well design and operating procedures to individual safe behaviors. The result: a strong safety performance that benefits our employees and the communities and environments in which we operate.

Our Commitment to the Environment

At Triton Energy Solutions, we work to minimize the environmental impact of our activities. In each operational area ­– onshore and offshore ­– we research and evaluate baseline conditions and apply environmental best practices to protect local ecosystems.

We report on our environmental performance each year in our Sustainability Report.

Our Core Values






Our Core Competencies 

Triton Energy Solutions is a single source for pumping services, contract dewatering. Triton offers cost-effective dewatering solutions including deep well drilling and wellpoint dewatering. A broad array of pumping applications include sewer bypass, industrial and oil field water supply, flooding and disaster relief pumping, remediation pump and treat, and wherever pumping water is required.