Triton Energy Solutions 

Our Services

Pumping Services

Triton offers unparalleled bypass pumping services. We can make this statement because our engineering staff understands pumping and hydraulic science. We have practical experience designing and implementing bypass pumping projects of all sizes, including flows in excess of 50,000 gpm. Our field experience assures that each job will be properly engineered, installed, and managed.

We maintain a large fleet of pumps that are immediately available for disaster recovery or planned bypass projects. Where downtime is not an option, our trained technicians and fully stocked service trucks are available to manage your bypass projects 24/7/365.


Dewatering Services

The impact of ground water on a construction project can be enormous. You require a dry, safe work site with no downtime and no excuses. When companies need dewatering services they call Triton Energy Solutions. We offer a broad range of cost-effective services including: deep well, wellpoint, and eductor system dewatering. 

We thrive on the challenges presented by each job whether it be a small wellpoint job for a home builder at a few gallons per minute or a huge construction site with 65 deep wells pumping 70,000 gallons per minute. Selecting and engineering the best solution for your needs is our expertise. Triton offers full-service dewatering with experienced engineers and project managers who can deal with all the unique variations of each job. We can help make troublesome groundwater a non-factor on your job site. Put our experience to work for you.


Hydrostatic Pressure Testing 

Triton Energy Solutions hydrotests for class changes, line reversals, bore section pre-tests, product changes, MAOP validation and other issues as required or requested by the customer or the existing regulatory environment. Our response time meets or exceeds that requested by the asset owner even in emergency situations. In addition, our hydrotest documentation not only meets DOT requirements, it provides complete asset owner data in a format that is easy to read and retrieve. This facilitates document management and insures that your records are easily accessible and auditable.

Our project managers and superintendents coordinate all aspects of hydrostatic pressure testing including cleaning, filling, testing, dewatering and drying. We can handle projects ranging from small fabrication to 48-inch mainlines, keeping you informed with updates along the way. Whether it is new construction or existing pipelines, Triton Energy Solutions has the knowledge and the experience to develop a successful test plan to meet all of your company’s pressure testing needs.


 Water Sourcing

Triton Energy Solutions works with Landowners, the County and the State to provide industrial use water for completion operations. We have several unique water sources and leverage years of landowner relationships for our producers. Packaged with our water sourcing is right-of-way management for our surface pipelines. Triton manages right-of-way permitting with local and state governments as well as landowner agreements appropriate for the specific area of the Basin you are operating in. 


Water Transfer

With over 60 miles of layflat, 35 pumps, 70 employees, and several years of winter operations experience, Triton can provide the most optimal system for your completion. Ask us about our unique custom automation for pumps and storage tanks we have developed in-house.


Water Line Engineering

Triton Energy Solutions minimizes water transfer expenses by engineering the perfect system for each job utilizing pump curves, friction loss, and elevation change. Triton can provide a water consultant to help navigate all your water challenges from source to storage to transfer and recycling/disposal.